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The Top Five Sales Tax Myths International Sellers Often Believe.

We often hear from many international FBA and other eCommerce sellers that international sellers are not subject to US sales tax. We hear the same statement from their advisors. The reasons for this belief are varied, but unfortunately, this statement is just not true. In this post, we will explain why sales tax is important for all sellers including those outside of the US and why ignoring sales tax can be dangerous.

There are more than 5 inaccuracies, but here are what I believe to be the top 5:

  1. Tax treaties cover everything
  2. Nexus protects sellers from collecting sales tax
  3. These issues work themselves out with time
  4. Individual states have limited enforcement powers
  5. Amazon has to keep seller information private

For the full article located on the Payoneer Blog, you can click on this link: The Top 5 Inaccuracies about US Taxes and International eCommerce and How Ignoring the Truth Can Be Dangerous

For those who are not familiar with Payoneer, they are a bank alternative that makes converting currency and moving money around the world easier and more cost effective. Here is a link to learn more: Payoneer

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