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When Should Online Sellers consider Sales Tax?

In a recent blog post on Sales Tax Support, Mike Fleming discusses the 5 factors that will help sellers determine if and when they should worry about sales tax.  Sometimes it does not make good business sense to do anything even when the state says you should. In other situations, it's dangerous to do nothing. Learn the difference by reading his post titled, Do Online Sellers Need to Collect Sales Tax? 5 Key Factors!

I speak to thousands of eCommerce or online sellers every year. Sometimes in large groups, sometimes in small groups and sometimes one on one. The single biggest question that comes up time and again is, “Do I need to collect sales tax?” This question is a great question and is posed by both small sellers and large sellers. It is posed by those selling through a marketplace like Amazon or eBay and those just selling on their own website. And the question is not only posed by those selling products but also by those selling services. My answer is, as many of my answers to broad sales tax questions are, “it depends.”   Click Here to read the entire post

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