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Sales Tax and More is a full service consulting and solutions firm. Our team of experienced tax professionals is dedicated to fulfilling any of your state tax or related needs. We have the knowledge base to answer your questions and the resources to help you accomplish your objectives.

Free CPE credit, State Tax Charts and Matrices, blog posts, interactive maps, and a continuous stream of content developed for CPAs and other tax professionals to assist you while you navigate through your sales tax needs.

Whether your clients need three-hundred returns a month, consulting, registrations, exemption certificates, de-registrations and more we have plans that fit your needs and are priced accordingly. We  file in Canada and we can accommodate foreign entities who do not have a US bank account. We offer full service options that include handling notices, the movement of funds and other additional services to simple return preparation with you reviewing, submitting and paying yourself.

Lots of great information. The sales tax world seems to be in a flex. What’s standard today may not be tomorrow. Thank you very much for this great information.


Taxability can be very different from state to state and can sometimes change quite rapidly. Many of our consulting and research agreements help companies determine if their products/services are taxable in the different states. We can answer many questions off the top of our head in a consultation, those we can't we can research. Learn more.


We can help you with exemption certificate management. Contact us to get started and find out more.


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Sales Tax vs. Income Tax

Program Level: Basic

Specialized Knowledge

July 10, 2019 12pm CST


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Remote Seller Sales Tax Update

Program Level: Basic

Specialized Knowledge

July 23, 2019 12pm CST