State Tax Charts and Matrices

We’re glad you made it here! These charts and matrices are a valuable resource and can assist you in understanding various nuances regarding different areas of sales tax.  We’ve created these charts with the most recent information and are constantly updating them as new information becomes available. You will find...

Remote Seller Use Tax Notice and Reporting Requirements - This chart will help you navigate the notice and reporting requirements. It includes monetary thresholds, transaction thresholds, penalties, requirements, & nontaxable sales. While some of these notice and reporting requirements are being phased out, others are not. The penalties in some states are much higher than normal sales tax penalties.

Marketplace Facilitator Third-Party Collection Requirements - This chart will help you navigate which marketplaces are collecting sales tax in each state.  It includes which states have enacted legislation requiring marketplaces to collect, the effective dates and whether Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Walmart are complying.  

Economic Nexus Thresholds for sales tax - This chart is designed to help you understand what the current economic thresholds for each state are.  This includes monetary and transactional thresholds, effective dates, important notes and the date we have updated each state.. We have also included a column for what is included and excluded in the thresholds by state. We have most recently added a column for whether the state has provided direction if you have no taxable sales.

Canadian Sales Tax Rates - This chart is sorted by province and includes the GST rate, local tax rate, local tax name, and the appearance on the invoice.